4 Tips to Enhance Photos in 3D Rendering Sydney

Do you want to learn the techniques that instantly turn your renders into realistic looking pieces of work? If so, you’ve come to the right place, as we have to offer you five tips that will do exactly that. Your photos will come out looking better than ever when you put these tips to use, so do not miss out on these awesome benefits. Use these tips in all of your 3D rendering Sydney projects!

  1. Bevel the Edges

Many newbies forget the importance of beveling the edges of photos. Don’t make this common mistake. If you don’t bevel, sharp edges will appear on just about anything that you create, and we all know that few things are this sharp in appearance. When you bevel the image, you bring out great detail and add the slight round edge needed to create a realistic look.

  1. Learn Linear Workflow

Linear Workflow is complicated for newbies, but it is an excellent program to learn. It’s been around for quite some time now, allow users to apply gamma correction to their render and correct colors.

  1. Depth of Field is Important

A Blurred Background, or Depth of Field, is a great effect that really makes an image come to life in the renders. Real life photography uses blurred backgrounds, and when you use it, you’ll great improve composition of your 3D image.

  1. Asymmetry is Important

You want to be able to use symmetry when you have a character that you are modeling. With asymmetry in place, those little details are taken care of, such as same size eyes or that cheekbones are lined properly. Attempting to create characters without this in place is very difficult to say the least.

Use these four 3D Rendering Sydney tips and make the most of your creations.