All about the Flexible credit System

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘joustoluotto’? Well, probably the fact that it sounds like ‘just a lottaa’ gibberish! However, this Finnish word is far from being gibberish. What it actually means is flexible credit. By flexible credit we generally understand a credit system which has no time constraints as with some loans. The flexible credit system (FCS) is actually a concept that’s being implemented in numerous Universities across several countries. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you are probably living in some or the other Asian country, where the FCS system is still in its nascent stages.


The flexible credit system has opened new arenas for many students. It is a credit-based system. What is a credit based system you would ask? Well, a credit based system is such a system which allows you to earn credit points by doing various activities in the college. Then you can redeem your credit points to sign up for your chosen subjects. This provides for a cashless system that saves you a lot of headache and helps your family as well. Your time table would be drawn up you according to your daily routine. It can be morning classes or evening ones if you are working full time. Whatever be your routine, or yours family’s preference, you can easily fit into the class hours of the University. Even the lecturers would be chosen by you. It’s like an education buffet and is definitely far more appetizing than the strictly regular time-bound routines of normal colleges!

With the flexible credit system you save on money as well as time since you only opt for courses you feel are relevant to your career. It’s no short of a boon for so many working people and parents who want to study further.