Why Dental Implants Are Such an Extensive Procedure?

If you are about to go for dental implants soon, or if you are looking for options on how to go about them, then you need to know that though they are categorized as a cosmetic procedure, there is a lot of extensive work involved in installing dental implants. In fact, there is even a bit of surgery involved. The dental implants are not just the dental crowns that are visible to the outer world. In order to fit them, there are miniature screw like fasteners that are attached directly into the gum line. Hence, the entire work involved in fitting dental implants is quite extensive and it does take a lot of sittings.

There are also many other concerns involved. The dentist will want to know how many teeth are missing. If it is just one tooth, then the support from the neighboring standing teeth can be taken and the process becomes relatively simpler. However, this is not the case when multiple teeth in are missing in a single row. In such a case, there is no support of neighboring teeth, and a dental bridge needs to be used. A dental bridge is a structure that connects all the implants together so that they can be fitted easily.

The biggest job is when the entire jaw line is missing. In such a case, the person needs to go for all on 4 dental implants. The entire set of teeth needs to be replicated and fit onto the gums, which takes a lot of work and also a considerable number of sittings.

Apart from this, the dentist needs to make sure that the dental crown that is being fit in matches with the rest of the teeth, not just in shape and size but also in color. Hence, dental implants Toronto is quite an extensive procedure and is best done only by qualified dentists.